Heavy breasts and nice firm ass, this chick has it all!

Meet Hitomi, she’s a beautifully cheeky big jugged babe who recently posted one of her photos on the scoreland.com blog and she had that many comments and likes asking for her to do a video that we had to take this with both hands and get her down the studio as soon as possible to have her do a hardcore titty tugging shoot. After receiving a phone call from us, Hitomi jumped at the chance to be a new score girl and soon she headed down to our studio where we got her completely naked to show off those massive jugs she owns before showing us what her snatch can do.

Having cream and bananas in hand, she soon got the action started when she squirted the whippy on her firm hard nipple jugs to rub it in as the camera panned up close before she took the banana to slot it in her cleavage in which she pretended it was a cock. Having our filming guy get rocker in his pants, id say this way a job well done for her and I hope you all think the same too when she eventually gets her fingers slotting in and out of that wet snatch until she reaches a well earned orgasm leaving anyone stuck to their seat from the cock cracking cries of pleasure she moans out loudly!


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